IMDraw v1.0.1 Update

A v1.0.1 update for IMDraw has been published (pending approval). Changes for this update:


* [New] Added IMDraw.WirePyramid3D.

* [New] Added IMDraw.Pyramid3D.

* [New] Added IMDraw.WireRhombus3D.

* [New] Added IMDraw.Rhombus3D.

* [New] Added IMDraw.WireCone3D.

* [New] Added IMDraw.Cone3D.

* [New] Added IMDraw.Spotlight for drawing spot light coverage area.

* [New] Added IMDraw.Frustum for drawing camera view frustums.

* [New] Added button to IMDrawManager to assign missing meshes as default if one or more mesh reference is missing.


The current plans for the next update are the addition of gizmo extensions. This will enable drawing in scene editor view of the same types of primitives used by IMDraw, as well as 3D and 2D labels.




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