Immediate Mode Draw (IMDraw) for Unity is an API which enables drawing of a variety of primitives and text labels at run time. Debug visualisation is a common requirement of many projects. This asset is geared towards developers who want debug rendering that is convenient and efficient.


Once the simple installation and set up has been completed, you are ready to start using IMDraw right away by simply issuing draw calls from your scripts. For example, to draw a wireframe box:


void Update ()


Features include:

  • Easy to use and trivial to set up.
  • Support for solid, wire frame, line and label primitives.
  • Options for culling and fading based on distance from camera.
  • Set limits on the maximum number of vertices that can be rendered.
  • Gizmo extension API that provides extended functionality over the standard Unity gizmo class.
  • Optimized to reduce its impact on your project.
  • No garbage generation.
  • Includes full source code, examples and documentation.
  • Supported in Unity 5.0.0f4 and upwards.


Please be sure to try the demo and read the user guide and API reference before purchasing to ensure it is a good fit for your needs. IMDraw is available to purchase on the Unity Asset store for $10.


Click HERE for a web GL demo of this asset!


All documentation that comes with IMDraw can be downloaded here:

IMDraw User Guide

IMDraw API Reference

IMDraw Release Notes